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What window decoration is best suitable for my bathroom?

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Before we exclude window decoration that isn’t suitable for a bathroom, we need to ask ourselves: “How humid does it get in your bathroom?” The degree of humidity is actually the only thing that can affect your window decoration. Excluding the fact that no water splashes can reach your window decoration. 

Bathrooms in older houses can become very humid after taking a shower that a kind of fog appears. This means that the moisture precipitates on the environment like the mirror, the bathroom furniture, but also on the window decoration. In that case we need to avoid all materials that are sensitive to this, like wood, as this reacts strongly on fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Textiles like textile slats, curtains, non washable roller blind fabrics, … are not adviced because of the chance of mould formation. 

What kind of window decoration is appropriate for humid bathroom? Horizontal blinds in aluminium are still the best choice. Besides you can also choose vertical slats in pvc or aluminium or roller blinds in a washable fabric. In bathroom where the moisture isn’t visibly present, you can choose any type of window decoration. Natural materials remain the most risky choice. A wooden slat that shows some curving when used in a damp space is a perfectly normal phenomenon. 

Ask for the features of our products and fabrics in one of our shops. Based on their experience, they can certainly point out the pros and cons of our window decoration for bathrooms or rooms where temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly.